Our Recruiting Process and Approach

Tek Connexion, a Consulting Solutions company, continually prepares for the future by pro-actively recruiting and maintaining a candidate pool guided by contract staffing requisite requirements. The phases outlined below outline all of the moving pieces that will come together to satisfy staffing requirements associated with any particular contract/task requirement.

Receipt of IT service requirement:

As soon as our team has analyzed the requirements we use the following process to identify the best candidates, focusing first on key personnel and mission critical positions.

Utilize TEK Connexion's Resources:

Our resources allow us to proactively and efficiently respond to client current and future needs.

Candidate Assessments:

A streamlined, comprehensive assessment of a candidate is the key aspect in any hiring procedure. TEK Connexion has worked diligently to establish an effective candidate assessment process that will lead to success with bringing clients the absolute best talent.

Evaluation of personal references.
Assessment of background and experience.
Validation of qualifications and experience against the position description.

Initial Screening: This step requires a comparison of candidate resumes with a stated SOW requirement that allows us to eliminate all unqualified or marginally qualified candidates and quickly respond to the client. Our pre-interview screening evaluation, verification, assessment and validation process is designed to cover all necessary areas.

SOW Briefing: The best candidates are selected and briefed about specific client requirements and expectations (salary, time frame, requirements etc.). This screening is critical to ensure that all expectations are proactively managed. This briefing ensures that people brought on board are aligned with the task and scope of work at hand.

Down-select: The top 2-3 candidates are selected based on best knowledge, skills and experience that match SOW requirements.

Interview and Select Candidates: The interview process attempts to validate information contained in candidate resumes and to determine if the individual is a good fit for the expected tasks. After selected candidates are interviewed, final candidates are chosen for submission to client and back-up candidates are maintained in order to mitigate any risk.

Successful Placement:

Once a candidate is selected through the client hiring process, the following steps are executed:

Execute employment agreement.
Enroll new employee in company: New personnel are typically "on the books" within 24 to 48 hours of finalizing employment agreement. We are able to provide many of our benefits documents electronically, expediting the process of initiating new employees.

Ethics Training:

In order for a successful placement and alignment with corporate ethics and culture, TEK Connexion has an effective process for onboarding and training employees on industry proven best ethical guidelines.

Ongoing Engagement and Maintenance:

We stand ready to continually work with clients to exceed expectations and ensure that the entire workforce is motivated and retained throughout the full life cycle of the mission.

Client Feedback: Customer satisfaction is the top priority and TEK Connexion provides a single point of contact for any client feedback or communication.

Employee Development: It is important that employees are retained and developed to meet both current and future initiatives. This is why TEK Connexion invests into the most important factor for mission success, the people.